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Creating powerful printed communications can be a complex process with many elements.


Mahin Impressions offers a wide range of services and equipment options to make sure that your jobs are done correctly, on time and within the agreed upon budget.


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"The Mahin Message"



For over a century, Mahin Impressions has been helping our clients amplify their success and build their brands through more effective communications. Way back in 1907, we published one of the earliest-known guides to marketing, communications and advertising strategy. Some of its best ideas have only gotten better with age.


The reason is simple: technology changes, but people still want the same things. They want a square deal. They want to know all the possibilities inherent in a product or service. They want to know that the little things will be done right. And they want to know that tomorrow will offer even more possibility than today.


As a family-run, diverse, woman-owned business, we focus on people and what they want. We get to know our clients and their customers, so we start off with a pretty good idea of what will work and what won’t. And we advance a brighter future through sustainable business practices and a deliberately-cultivated diverse supply chain. Our part is every part in which we can help our customers.



This powerful idea has been around for a long time. In 1907, Mahin Impressions put it this way: “The real winner … stands strong but welcomes reinforcement.” We choose our reinforcements very carefully to help us do more for our clients. They share our commitment to quality work products fine-tuned to suit the purpose. And like us, they work to create a better tomorrow through sustainable practices and supplier diversity.


Working together, we can build end-to-end solutions so you can communicate more powerfully in today’s intensely competitive environment.




It’s one of the most critical elements of success. Do it effectively and you can magnify your opportunities exponentially. Cut corners, put it off or plan it poorly and you’ll never know what you’ve missed. Communication is all about making a connection that can lead to a relationship that can develop into business. Every element is essential and every advantage has the potential to make a difference. It may just look like printing to you. We prefer to view it as possibility.








Sharon Mahin is the President and CEO of Mahin Impressions, Inc., a full-service, state of the art, end to end, First in Class printing and graphic design company located in New York. She assumed her present position in the early part of 2002 from her husband Brian Mahin, who founded the firm in 1983.


As a native of Long Island, Sharon graduated Hofstra University. After receiving a degree in accounting, she began her career in the financial arena. Sharon held various financial management positions for such firms as the Nassau County Bar Association as their Director of Finance; Nationwide Ultra Seal, a national automotive after-market company as their Vice President of Operations and CFO; GMAC Mortgage as their Director of Loan Origination/Marketing; Cohen Fashion Optical, a leader in the franchise fashion optical industry as their Vice President and Director of Operations/Marketing.


Mahin Impressions received their WBENC certification in 2005, which Sharon launched an aggressive marketing plan. Thanks to her drive, vision and 


encouragement by other women business leaders, Mahin Impressions is now listed with the Supplier Diversity Programs of over 100 Fortune 500 companies. In October 2005, Sharon was recognized for the first time as one of the Top Women-Owned Business Enterprise Nation Council (WBENC).  At that time, Sharon  was appointed by Wachovia Bank to sit on the WBENC Business Leadership Forum. Currently, Sharon sits on the Steering Committee of the New York Chapter of WBENC (WPEO) and has an integral role as a Supplier Diversity committee member of the Institute of Supply Management of New York (ISM-NY).

Sharon presently holds memberships on the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), The Partnerships for Print Production Foundation (P3), The Association of Graphic Communication, the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce, the New York Women’s Agenda and Women’s Impact on Public Policy (WIPP).  Sharon Mahin resides in Long Island and is mom to her daughter Nicole who attends Miami University and is her inspiration and greatest achievement.   In spite of her busy work agenda, Sharon maintains her family and friends as her number one priority.





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New York Office:

30 West Main Street, Suite 301

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New York Office:

30 West Main Street, Suite 301

Riverhead, New York 11901


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